Postodoctoral positions in Gravitational Physics and Cosmology, Beijing, China

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Deadline:  2021-03-01

Location:  Beijing, China

The Center for Relativity and Gravitation at Beijing Normal University has four post-doctoral positions opening from July or September 2021 in the following fields: Loop quantum gravity and quantum cosmology, CMB, Large-scale structure formation of the Universe, Gravitational lensing, Numerical relativity, and Gravitational wave astronomy.
The positions include competitive salary (no less than CNY180,000 per year) depending on the qualifications and directions of the applicants. The appointment will be for two years.

The faculty members of the Center include Zhoujian Cao. Sijie Gao, Bin Hu, Wenbiao Liu, Yongge Ma, Hongbao Zhang, and Bin Zhou. The International Advisory Committee of the Center consisits of Abhay Ashtekar (Penn State), Ronggen Cai (ITP, CAS), Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw), Canbin Liang (BNU), Hong Liu (MIT), and Zheng Zhao (BNU). The research area of the Center concerns Genenral relativity, Black hole physics, Loop quantum gravity and quantum cosmology, Holographic issue of gravity, Alternative theories of gravity, Numerical relativity and
gravitational wave, Relativistic astrophysics, and Cosmology.

Interested candidates should send a CV, a publication list and a statement of research proposal and arrange to have two recommendation letters (one from the PhD advisor of the applicant)
sent directly to one of the following faculty members:

Zhoujian Cao (zjcao[AT]
Bin Hu (bhu[AT]
Yongge Ma (mayg[AT]

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is March 1st, 2021.