VDSP Academy 2021 on Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics, online

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Date:  2021-08-23  -  2021-09-03

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The VDSP Academy will provide an overview on the field of evolutionary partial differential equations (PDEs) in the context of physical systems and a place to connect with local and international peers in their late Bachelor or early Master studies.
In a first part, Assoz. Prof. Dr. Roland Donninger will introduce the methods necessary to analyse a wide range of PDEs and review them with a focus on their applicability to the problems at hand.In a second part, Ass.-Prof. Dr. David Fajman will discuss specific types of PDEs and analyse their solutions by use of the aforementioned methods. The classes of equations considered in the course range from nonlinear wave equations and Schroedinger equations to Euler equations and the heat flow. This VDSP Academy will provide the audience with a survey of the field with references to further advanced courses, which respectively concern the individual topics.

Morning keynote talks by the lecturers will be complemented by hands-on tutorials in the afternoon.

Application is open until Sun, 11 April 2021.
More details on the content and schedule can be found on our website.
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Roland Donninger
David Fajman
ChristianeM Losert-VK