Fourth IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension, online

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Date:  2021-05-20  -  2021-05-30

Location:  Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The Fourth IUCSS Summer School and Workshop on the Standard-Model Extension (SME) will be held as an online event hosted by the Physics Department, Indiana University in Bloomington, from Thursday May 20 to Sunday May 30, 2021. This School is aimed primarily at students and researchers in theory and experiment who seek a pedagogical introduction to the SME framework.

The School will begin by laying out basics of the effective field theory for Lorentz and CPT violation. Building on this groundwork, more advanced theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental topics of recent interest in the subject will be covered with the goal of leading the participants to the cutting edge of research in this field. Discussion sessions will support and complement the lecture material. The School participants will be given the opportunity to exhibit their own work via short presentations.

An IUCSS Workshop on current research in SME physics will be held concurrently during the last part of the School. There is no registration fee for the School or Workshop, but online registration on or before Friday May 14, 2021 is required.