Theory of Gravitation and Variation in Cosmology, Marseille, France

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Date:  2021-04-12  -  2021-04-16

Location:  Marseille, France

This thematic school of CNRS aims to provide an overview of the most motivated current theories and tests of gravitation in different regimes, ranging from the scale of the solar system to that of the large structures of the Universe. The emphasis is on recent developments in connection with major current problems in cosmology, such as the origin of the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe. The topics covered are: gravitational waves, tests of gravity in the solar system, gravitation modified at very large scales and inhomogeneous cosmological models.

The school is open to the international, it responds to a request from potential participants, such as CNRS researchers, academics and post-docs involved in this field. PhD students are also encouraged to attend: our future researchers.

A doctoral level is required indifferently in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics and Particle Physics. No preliminary upgrading is planned, but educational recommendations associated with the program will be passed on by speakers and will be posted on the school’s website.