“Quarks” workshop: Quantum Gravity and Cosmology (online)

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Date:  2021-06-04  -  2021-06-08

The workshop “Quantum Gravity and Cosmology” will take place online from June 4 to June 8, 2021. It is dedicated to the centennial jubilee of A.D. Sakharov and embraces the areas of quantum field theory, quantum gravity and cosmology that were pioneered and advanced by Sakharov at the dawn of these subjects. The main objective of the workshop is to assess our current understanding of the quantization of gravity, its applications to physics of early and present day Universe, including inflation theory and dark energy problem, black hole physics and the problem of information loss, and also to discuss the observational status of these subjects and their interplay with recent advances in effective field theory, higher spin and string theory. Speakers will be selected by the workshop conveners: D. Nesterov and A. Barvinsky. If you want to attend the workshop, please fill in the registration form: https://indico.quarks.ru/event/2020/overview

“Quarks” conferences on high-energy physics take place biennially since 1980 in various historical and cultural places of Russia. Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the current conference was reformatted into a set of six thematic “Quarks” workshops that will be held online in June 2021.