LHAASO Collaboration discussion session, Madrid, Spain (online)

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Date:  2021-06-17  -  2021-06-17

Event: LHAASO discussion session
Date: 17th June 2021, from 9 to 13 h (CET time)
Discussion session organized by the COST Action CA18108 “Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach” (https://qg-mm.unizar.es/) around the revolutionary detection of 12 PeVatrons (very high energy gamma-rays) that the LHAASO collaboration has recently announced (Zhen Cao, F.A. Aharonian et al., Ultrahigh-Energy Photons up to 1.4 Petaelectronvolts from 12 γ-Ray Galactic Sources, Nature 594, 7861 (2021)) and its impact, especially with respect to LIV searches (see e.g., C. Li and B.-Q. Ma, Ultrahigh-Energy Photons from LHAASO as Probes of Lorentz Symmetry Violations, arXiv:2105.07967), which is one of the key topics of research within our Action.

– 9:00 CET: Felix Aharonian: PeVatrons, theory
– 9:45 CET: Zhen Cao: LHAASO experiment results
– 10:30 CET: Bo-Qiang Ma: LIV with LHAASO
– 11:15 CET: Free discussion

In order to receive the link to this event, please register before 16th June, 14 pm CET time at the following indico page: https://indico.capa.unizar.es/event/15/