10th School on Astrophysics and Gravitation, Lisbon, Portugal

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Date:  2021-09-02  -  2021-09-07

Location:  Lisbon, Portugal

The Center for Astrophysics and Gravitation (CENTRA) is organizing the 10th edition of its Summer School on Astrophysics and Gravitation, SAG10. The school is open to international applications and the official language of the classes is English.

This prestigious summer school takes place every two years and its main objective it to encourage young talents in the pursue of knowledge in the areas of Astrophysics and Gravitation. The school is aimed at MSc students from Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering, and top undergraduate university students of the first, second, and third year in these courses.

The school covers several topics spanning from observational astronomy all the way to quantum gravitation, including important research areas such as stars, galaxies, black holes, gravitational waves, and the Universe itself.

The primary selection criterion is the course average grade, and priority will be given to students that desire to continue their studies in theses areas of research. The interest of the applicant in these areas should be mentioned in the section “General Comments and Motivation” of the application form. Applications received earlier will be given additional priority in case of a tie between candidates.

Venue: Amphitheater PA! in Physics-Mathematics Building of Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon. The school is totally on-site.

Maximum number of participants: 23

Important dates:
Application deadline: July 15 (Sunday)
School: September 2 – 7 (Thursday to Tuesday), 2021

Organizing Committee:
Jose Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST)
Ana Mourao (CENTRA/IST)
Miguel Zilhao (CENTRA(IST)

Sponsors: FCT, IST, CIGeoE
Financial support: FCT Project UIBD/00099/2020