Living Reviews in Relativity: “Relativistic fluid dynamics: physics for many different scales”

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The open-access journal Living Reviews in Relativity has published an updated review article on 24 June 2021:

Nils Andersson and Gregory L. Comer,
“Relativistic fluid dynamics: physics for many different scales”,
Living Rev Relativ 24, 3 (2021).

Major revision; updated and expanded the 2007 edition.

Change details:
This revision represents a significant revision/update of the review. We have expanded the discussion to make it more pedagogical (introducing new sections on thermodynamics and matter equations of state as well as general variational principles), added sections to account for more physics (electromagnetism, elasticity and heat conductivity) and made contact with state of the art numerical relativity simulations and a range of issues (from cosmology to AdS/CFT and field theory models). The discussion of the relevant literature has been expanded by the addition of more than 300 new references.