A new website for hyperspace@gu

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Dear all,

as you will realise when visiting the website, hyperspace has a new look! Together with Fabian Weih, and exploiting a sabbatical semester to be spent in lockdown, I have completed a restyling operation of hyperspace@gu. Besides making use of more modern and hopefully reliable software, the new site offers also a number of novel features:

– a list of the most recent posts
– a list of the upcoming events
– a more compact list of the announced jobs and conferences
– a calendar collecting all events and that can be linked to your favourite calendar
– a more compact and sortable list of registered scientists

The site has been tested, but it is possible that glitches and bugs may appear as more users access the site. So please be patient and report any problem you may encounter. As ever, please contact me if you have suggestions on how to improve hyperspace.

Best regards,

Luciano Rezzolla


Prof. Dr. Luciano Rezzolla
Chair of Theoretical Astrophysics, Institute for Theoretical Physics
The Andrews Professor of Astronomy, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Senior Fellow, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Spokesperson, ELEMENTS Hessian Research Cluster
Room 2.143 Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: +49-69-79847871 http://astro.uni-frankfurt.de/rezzolla
Secretary: Fr. A. Steidl steidl@itp.uni-frankfurt.de, Tel: +49-69-79847872