International Society for Quantum Gravity

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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the foundation of an International Society of Quantum Gravity, to support the international community of researchers and students in the field of quantum gravity.

The ISQG will promote research and public outreach on quantum gravity in all its aspects (mathematical, physical, conceptual) and approaches. It will value diversity of ideas and diversity in membership, quality of research and openness to new directions.

The ISQG is established at first on an informal basis, with the plan to move to a formal structure in the near future, after having established its role in the Quantum Gravity community and having received feedback and suggestions from it.

The basic information on the structure and activities of the new Society can be found on its website:

Everybody with a professional academic interest in quantum gravity is encouraged to become a member, using the membership form that can be found on the ISQG website, and to participate in the ISQG (sponsored) activities.

A The first “launching” event, organized by the ISQG, will be a Quantum Gravity workshop, taking place virtually in October 5th-7th 2021. More details about this event will be announced soon, and will be also found on the ISQG website.

We also invite all interested parties to an online “town hall” meeting, which will take place shortly after the Quantum Gravity workshop. There, the ISQG founding committee will answer questions and take suggestions and comments relating to the future structure and activities of ISQG. Also the details about the town hall meeting will be communicated soon.

We intend this initiative as originating from and of benefit for the whole Quantum Gravity community; so, please share this information among your potentially interested colleagues, join and participate!

All the best,
the ISQG founding committee

Jan De Boer
Bianca Dittrich (co-chair)
Astrid Eichhorn
Steve Giddings
Steffen Gielen
Stefano Liberati
Etera Livine
Dieter Luest
Daniele Oriti (chair)
Kyriakos Papadodimas
Antonio Duarte Pereira (website)
Mairi Sakellariadou
Sumati Surya (website)
Herman Verlinde