Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry and Invariants in General Relativity, Stavanger, Norway

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Date:  2022-05-30  -  2022-06-03

Location:  Stavanger, Norway

This conference is a venue for researchers to present their work in the following topics:

-Group actions in Pseudo-Riemannian geometry

-Algebraically special Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

-Null congruences in Lorentzian geometry

-Invariants of metrics in GR and separation of spacetimes

-Cartan-theoretic methods for the equivalence problem

-Generalized gravity theories

-Black holes and horizons.

There will be talks given by invited speakers. In addition we welcome attendees to submit an abstract  to give a talk.

The conference will be held at the University of Stavanger in Norway. It will also be possible to attend online.