New frontiers in strong gravity, Benasque, Spain

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Date:  2022-07-03  -  2022-07-16

Location:  Benasque, Spain

New frontiers in strong gravity

The highly nonlinear, strong-field regime of gravity holds the key to address long-standing puzzles in modern physics. These range from deeply theoretical questions concerning a consistent theory of quantum gravity and resulting modifications to general relativity, over the stability properties of black holes in traditional general relativity, to new insight into nuclear matter under extreme conditions in the context of neutron star and multimessenger astronomy.

In this two-week workshop (Jul 03-16, 2022) we will bring together leading experts as well as junior scientists and PhD students in these diverse research areas, to encourage communication and training across the fields and to foster new research collaborations.

Invited speakers include:

Masha Baryaktar – Laura Bernard – Beatrice Bonga – Katerina Chatziioannou – Katy Clough – Mihalis Dafermos – Will East – Roberto Emparan – Tanja Hinderer – Aaron Kovacs – Macarena Lagos – Luis Lehner – Lionel London – David Mateos – Maria Okounkova – Carlos Palenzuela – Paolo Pani – Patricia Schmidt – Thomas Sotiriou – Rita Teixeira – Toby Wiseman – Nicolas Yunes

The number of participants is limited. We ask students to upload a short CV (maximal 2 pages). Limited travel support will be available, with priority given to students and participants from underrepresented groups. To apply for travel support please include some text justifying your request for support on the registration page. Registration will close on May 31, 2022. Registration will open shortly

To help us create a safe and healthy environment, we ask that all participants are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.