Sejny Summer Institute 2022, Sejny, Poland

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Date:  2022-07-07  -  2022-07-17

Location:  Sejny, Poland

In these virtual-meeting times, it is our great pleasure to announce the second edition of the Sejny Summer Institute, a real-world workshop on theoretical physics! The sanitary situation permitting, the event will be held in northern Poland between the 7th and 17th of July 2022.

The successful format of last year’s event will be kept almost unchanged. The workshop remains question-based and addressed to junior researchers (graduate students, post-docs…). It will be centered around the investigation of foundational problems in physics chosen by the participants themselves. Organized in small multi-disciplinary groups, participants from theoretical/mathematical physics are to join forces with historians/philosophers of science, as well as computer scientists and pure mathematicians. We aim at providing a balance between the different ways of thinking in order to generate a stimulating and dynamic environment for common inquiries.

An equally important characteristic of this workshop is a relaxed, home-like and inclusive atmosphere that we wish to create. The workshop will be held in a country-house near the town of Sejny, with about 20 participants. Enjoying the surrounding lakes and forests will also be part of the experience.

The organizers:
Jan Glowacki, Pierre Martin-Dussaud, Alexander Thomas, Vaclav Zatloukal