Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime (QISS) 2022, London, Canada

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Date:  2022-06-06  -  2022-06-10

Location:  London, Ontario, Canada

The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime (QISS) interdisciplinary initiative in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity is announcing its first large conference, QISS 2022, to be held at Western University, in London, Ontario, Canada, the week of 6-10 June 2022. The conference will be in person, in respect of the Covid-prevention norms. The conference will be accessible to the wider worldwide community through the online streaming of the event.

The conference will bring together the three components of the QISS community, quantum gravity, quantum information and foundations, and philosophy of science, with ample discussion time for comparing views and problems. The discussions will be organized around 6 main themes:
The themes of the three central days are:
Are we going to see quantum geometry in the lab?
Is there an arrow of time in quantum phenomena?
How does the structure of spacetime impact quantum physics?
In which sense do quantum phenomena challenge objectivity?
How can we use information in quantum gravity?
What are the available general quantum formalisms for gravity?
The first day of the conference (June 6) is devoted to 6 hours of micro-courses in quantum gravity, quantum informations, and philosophy, introducing themes and questions of each community to the others.

The three main days (June 7-8-9) are organized in a series of lightning presentations followed by long moderated discussion time around the conference themes, where all participants are invited to contribute.

The last day (June 10) is reserved for social activities, community building, group discussions.

We invite all participants to present a poster: posters will be displayed during the whole conference, with many opportunities for the participants to discuss them.

Registration is open at the website https://qiss.uwo.ca. The total number of in-person participants is constrained by Covid-safety restrictions. Members of the QISS consortium will be given priority for in-person attendance, and space for our other colleagues will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register at the earliest convenience. Conference organizers will confirm whether there is space to accommodate in-person registrations for non-QISS participants by no later than 1 April 2022.

For any inquiry, please send it to: qissconference[AT]gmail.com

The Organizing Committee
Emily Adlam, Andrea Di Biagio, Flaminia Giacomini, Carlo Rovelli, Francesca Vidotto