3-year postdoctoral position in general relativity and quantum gravity, Bergamo, Italy

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Deadline:  2022-03-30

Location:  Bergamo, Italy

Applications are invited for a 3-year postdoctoral position at the University of Bergamo, with a focus on theoretical research of spacetime propulsion devices. We seek applicants with a background in general relativity, quantum field theory in curved space, quantum gravity, who are highly motivated to investigate the repercussion of general relativity for future interstellar travels. This position is part of an existing collaboration between R. Garattini (Bergamo) and P. Nicolini (Frankfurt).
Strong analytical skills and experience with traversable wormholes, spacetime geometries and perturbative methods of quantum gravity are highly desired.

Required Qualifications
Candidates must have a PhD in physics or astrophysics

Preferred Qualifications
Strong analytical skills and experience with quantum gravity methods, wormhole spacetime geometries
Ability to work well in a collaborative project with colleagues from a remote location