New book: “Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy”

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Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Cosimo Bambi, Stavros Katsanevas, Konstantinos D. Kokkotas (Editors)
Springer Singapore 2022


Chapter 1: Introduction to Gravitational Wave Astronomy
N.T. Bishop

*** SECTION I: Gravitational Wave Detectors ***
Section Editors: S. Katsanevas, D. Reitze, M. Ando

Chapter 2: Terrestrial Laser Interferometers
K.L. Dooley, H. Grote, J. van den Brand

Chapter 3: Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatories
J. Gair, M. Hewitson, A. Petiteau, G. Mueller

Chapter 4: Pulsar Timing Array Experiments
J.P.W. Verbiest, S. Oslowski, S. Burke-Spolaor

Chapter 5: Quantum Sensors with Matter Waves for GW Observation
A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer, B. Canuel

Chapter 6: CMB Experiments and Gravitational Waves
L. Conti, B.R.B. Saliwanchik

Chapter 7: Third-Generation Gravitational-Wave Observatories
H. Lueck, J. Smith, M. Punturo

Chapter 8: Research and Development for Third-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
R.L. Ward, B.J.J. Slagmolen, Y. Aso

Chapter 9: Squeezing and QM Techniques in GW Interferometers
F. Sorrentino, J. Zendri

Chapter 10: Environmental Noise in Gravitational-Wave Interferometers
I. Fiori, A. Effler, P. Nguyen, F. Paoletti, R.M.S. Schofield, M.C. Tringali

Chapter 11: Detection Landscape in the deci-Hertz Gravitational-Wave Spectrum
K. Izumi, K. Jani

*** SECTION II: Gravitational Wave Sources ***
Section Editors: V. Ferrari, L. Gualtieri, K.D. Kokkotas, G. Schaefer, M. Sakellariadou

Chapter 12: Binary Neutron Stars
L. Baiotti

Chapter 13: Isolated Neutron Stars
B. Haskell, K. Schwenzer

Chapter 14: r-Process Nucleosynthesis from Compact Binary Mergers
A. Perego, F.-K. Thielemann, G. Cescutti

Chapter 15: Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers
F. Foucart

Chapter 16: Dynamical Formation of Merging Stellar-Mass Binary Black Holes
B. Kocsis

Chapter 17: Formation Channels of Single and Binary Stellar-Mass Black Holes
M. Mapelli

Chapter 18: The Gravitational Capture of Compact Objects by Massive Black Holes
P. Amaro Seoane

Chapter 19: Massive Black-Hole Mergers
E. Barausse, A. Lapi

Chapter 20: LISA and the Galactic Population of Compact Binaries
M. Benacquista

Chapter 21: Gravitational Waves from Core-Collapse Supernovae
E. Abdikamalov, G. Pagliaroli, D. Radice

Chapter 22: Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Waves in the Hz-kHz Range
M. Branchesi, A. Stamerra, O.S. Salafia, S. Piranomonte, B. Patricelli

Chapter 23: Multi-messenger Astrophysics with the Highest Energy Counterparts of Gravitational Waves
A. Stamerra, B. Patricelli, I. Bartos, M. Branchesi

Chapter 24: Mission Design for the TAIJI Mission and Structure Formation in Early Universe
X. Gong, S. Xu, S. Gui, S. Huang, Y. Lau

Chapter 25: Stochastic Gravitational Wave Backgrounds of Cosmological Origin
C. Caprini, D.G. Figueroa

Chapter 26: Primordial Gravitational Waves
G. Tasinato

Chapter 27: Primordial Black Holes
J. Garcia-Bellido

Chapter 28: Testing the Nature of Dark Compact Objects with Gravitational Waves
E. Maggio, P. Pani, G. Raposo

Chapter 29: Quantum Gravity and Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
G. Calcagni

Chapter 30: LIGO, VIRGO, and KAGRA as the International Gravitational Wave Network
P. Brady, G. Losurdo, H. Shinkai

*** SECTION III: Gravitational Wave Modeling ***
Section Editors: P. Laguna, D. Shoemaker

Chapter 31: Post-Newtonian Templates for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Inspirals
S. Isoyama, R. Sturani, H. Nakano

Chapter 32: Effective Field Theory Methods to Model Compact Binaries
R. Sturani

Chapter 33: Repeated Bursts
N. Loutrel

Chapter 34: Numerical Relativity for Gravitational Wave Source Modelling
T. Zhao, Z. Cao, C. Lin, H. Yo

Chapter 35: Black-Hole Superradiance: Searching for Ultralight Bosons with Gravitational Waves
R. Brito, P. Pani

Chapter 36: Black Hole Perturbation Theory and Gravitational Self-Force
A. Pound, B. Wardell

Chapter 37: Distortion of Gravitational-Wave Signals by Astrophysical Environments
X. Chen

Chapter 38: Emission of Gravitational Radiation in Scalar-Tensor and f(R)-Theories
M. De Laurentis, I. De Martino

Chapter 39: Testing General Relativity with Gravitational Waves
Z. Carson, K. Yagi

Chapter 40: Nonlinear Effects in EMRI Dynamics and Their Imprints on Gravitational Waves
G. Lukes-Gerakopoulos, V. Witzany

*** SECTION IV: Data Analysis Techniques ***
Section Editors: L. Cadonati, E. Porter, P. Sutton

Chapter 41: Principles of Gravitational-Wave Data Analysis
A. Krolak

Chapter 42: Inferring the Properties of a Population of Compact Binaries in Presence of Selection Effects
S. Vitale, D. Gerosa, W.M. Farr, S.R. Taylor

Chapter 43: Machine Learning for the Characterization of Gravitational Wave Data
E. Cuoco, A. Iess, F. Morawski, M. Razzano

Chapter 44: Advances in Machine and Deep Learning for Modeling and Real-Time Detection of Multi-messenger Sources
E.A. Huerta, Z. Zhao

Chapter 45: Measuring Cosmological Parameters with Gravitational Waves
S. Mastrogiovanni, D.A. Steer