“Eternity between Space and Time: From Consciousness to the Cosmos”, Padova, Italy (hybrid)

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Date:  2022-05-19  -  2022-05-21

Location:  Padova, Italy (hybrid)

The international conference “Eternity Between Space and Time: From Consciousness to the Cosmos” (EST) has an interdisciplinary character. The concepts of Space, Time, Consciousness, Eternity will be discussed through the results of different scientific disciplines, with specific contributes from Physics, Cosmology, Neurosciences, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Philosophy.

EST is an “event of excellence” included in the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua.

Among the confirmed Keynote Speakers we have:

Roger Penrose (Oxford)
Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht)
Gabriele Veneziano (Geneve)
Piero Benvenuti (Padova)
Giuseppe Vitiello (Salerno)
Mauro D’Ariano (Pavia)
Federico Faggin (San Francisco)
Fabio Scardigli (Milano)
Gabriele Gionti (Vatican Observatory)
Ines Testoni (Padova)
Kurt Appel (Vienna)
Piero Martin (Padova)
Diego De Leo (Brisbane)
Mario Plebani (Padova)

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For further questions (e.g. streaming, recorded talks, etc.), please email to Fabio Scardigli , or Ines Testoni