Special Issue: Quantum Physics Including Gravity: Highlights and Novelties

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Quantum Physics Including Gravity: Highlights and Novelties

Guest Editor: Prof Dr Norma G. Sanchez

Universe Special Issue, section Gravitation.

This volume aims to provide a collection of both research papers and review papers on the fascinating problems of quantum physics including gravity, from quantum fields in curved space times to Planckian and trans-Planckian physics and quantum space-time, at the cutting edge of these domains.

And their most recent advances, whether being of foundational and conceptual nature or of implications and implementations; in cosmology, black holes, non-trivial vaccua, topologies, and geometries, being within the known approaches and frameworks, or with new research avenues in these fields, as well as experimental and observational tests and results.

Topics include:

– Quantum fields and strings in curved space times, theory and applications.
– Quantum physics and black holes, semiclassical and quantum black holes.
– Quantum fields in cosmology, inflation and dark energy.
– Planckian and trans-Planckian physics.
– Quantum space-time.

– Papers can be submitted at any time before the deadline of 31 May 2023.
– Accepted papers are published as soon they are accepted.
– Early Submission is encouraged.


I hope very much you will bring a positive answer to contribute to this important Special Issue and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Prof. Dr. Norma G. Sanchez
Guest/ Academic Editor