INFN postdoc position in gravity theory and phenomenology, Rome and Pisa, Italy

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Deadline:  2022-11-11

Location:  Rome and Pisa, Italy

We are looking for an outstanding and highly-motivated postdoctoral researcher to work in the area of strong gravity (theory and phenomenology).

The postdoctoral project “Modelling of gravitational waveforms from compact binaries beyond General Relativity” will involve a collaboration between the gravity-theory groups at Pisa University and at Sapienza University of Rome / INFN Roma1.

Eligible candidates are non-Italian citizens or Italian citizens who, at the submission deadline, hold a position in a foreign institution and have been continuously abroad for at least three years. Conditions, eligibility criteria, and more information are available here.

The research activities of the groups include gravitational-wave modelling and phenomenology, black-hole and neutron-star physics, tests of gravity and of the nature of compact objects, and strong-gravity tests of dark matter. The members of the groups are also expected to get involved in other activities such as training of students, networking, etc. Staff members of the gravity theory groups currently include Prof. Leonardo Gualtieri (Pisa University) and Prof. Paolo Pani (Sapienza), as well as several postdocs, PhD students, and master students, with strong connections to other local and international research groups.

The groups are part of the LISA and ET Consortia, of the RISE H2020-MC network “Gravitational Universe: Challenges and Opportunities (GRU)”, and of the INFN Specific Initiative TEONGRAV – Gravitational Wave Sources.

For more information please contact Prof. Leonardo Gualtieri (Pisa University) and Prof. Paolo Pani (Sapienza).

Please circulate this announcement among potentially interested candidates.