Astro-GR@Cuba 2023, Habana, Cuba

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Date:  2023-03-05  -  2023-03-18

Location:  Habana, Cuba

Pau Amaro Seoane, Fernando Guzman, Leonel Morejon, Amaya Ofelia Casanova and Stamatis Vretinaris are organizing the next Astro-GR meeting, which will be focusing, as usual, on astrophysics of gravitational waves, including general relativity, physics and observational astronomy

This is the meeting nr 23 in a series of workshops which intend to unite people working on different disciplines of gravitational waves: astrophysicists, theoretical and numerical relavisits and data analysts.

The meeting will take place at the Instituto Superior de Tecnologias y Ciencias Aplicadas (InSTEC) de la Universidad de La Habana, from 5-18 March 2023.

The talks will not be classical talks, but “constantly-interrupted-ones”, in the sense that the speakers will have to address as many questions as the students see fit to ask to understand the topic being presented, instead of just listening to a talk. There is a difference.

This is the list of participants we have so far (with some missing names to be added yet, I will be updating the list on the page):

Fernando Guzman, Veronica Vazquez Aceves, Andrew Taylor, Alessandra Mastrobuono Battisti, Kostas Kokkotas, Pablo Laguna, Badri Krishnan, Daniel Siegel, Abhay Ashtekar (online), Luis Lehner, Roger Blandford, Mitch Begelman, Selin Ustundag, Ulrich Sperhake (online), Cliff Will (online), Deirdre Shoemaker, Zoltan Haiman, Odele Straub, Xian Chen, Amaya Ofelia Casanova, Pau Amaro Seoane, Tanja Hinderer (online)

For details about registration, venue and accommodation, please visit the web page.