PhD position in multi-messenger astronomy and astrophysics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Deadline:  2023-01-02

Location:  Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Institute for Gravitational and Subatomic Physics (GRASP) at Utrecht University is looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate in multi-messenger astronomy and astrophysics. In this position you will be an active member of the interdisciplinary Dutch consortium “Probing the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics”, which includes collaborators at Utrecht University (Prof. Van Den Broeck, Dr. Christakoglou, Dr. Gursoy, Dr. Hinderer, and Prof. Snellings), the University of Amsterdam (Dr. Moesta, Dr. Nissanke, and Prof. Watts), and the University of Groningen (Prof. Even).

The consortium aims to study dense nuclear matter by combining information from multiple observational and experimental channels: gravitational waves emitted by binary neutron star mergers, the gamma ray bursts and “kilonova” afterglows caused by them, X-ray observations with NICER, radio observations of pulsars, nuclear physics experiments, and heavy-ion collisions in earth-based particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider.

In this research project, you will be working in the group of Prof. Chris Van Den Broeck and focus on the development of a joint Bayesian data analysis framework that optimally brings together the observables from the above mentioned channels, with input from theoretical (astro)physics and large-scale numerical simulations.