Living Reviews in Relativity: “Unveiling the Universe with emerging cosmological probes”

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The open-access journal Living Reviews in Relativity has published a new review article on 14 December 2022:

Moresco, M., Amati, L., Amendola, L. et al.
Unveiling the Universe with emerging cosmological probes.
Living Rev Relativ 25, 6 (2022).

From the abstract:
The detection of the accelerated expansion of the Universe has been one of the major breakthroughs in modern cosmology. Several cosmological probes have been studied in depth to better understand the nature of the mechanism driving this acceleration, and they are being currently pushed to their limits, obtaining remarkable constraints that allowed us to shape the standard cosmological model. In parallel to that, however, the percent precision achieved has recently revealed apparent tensions between measurements obtained from different methods. These are either indicating some unaccounted systematic effects, or are pointing toward new physics. Following the development of CMB, SNe, and BAO cosmology, it is critical to extend our selection of cosmological probes. Novel probes can be exploited to validate results, control or mitigate systematic effects, and, most importantly, to increase the accuracy and robustness of our results. This review is meant to provide a state-of-art benchmark of the latest advances in emerging “beyond-standard” cosmological probes.