Verao Quantico 2023, Ubu Anchieta, Brazil

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Date:  2023-04-10  -  2023-04-14

Location:  Ubu Anchieta, Brazil

Verao Quantico (“Quantum Summer”) is a biennial meeting that is held in Brazil during the (southern hemisphere) summer. The 2023 edition will be its 10th realization.

The meeting gathers international researchers and grad students on different aspects of cosmology, gravitation, and quantum field theory. It includes both seminars (with focus to recent research developments) and mini-courses (with a more introductory approach that are helpful to both students and researchers from different areas).


— Testing gravity with cosmology – Luca Amendola (Heidelberg, Alemanha);
— Dark matter and the structures in the universe – Diego Lambas (UNC, Argentina);
— Quantum gravity – Roberto Percacci (Sissa, Italia);
— Superstructures and voids: their global dynamics and galaxy properties – Heliana Luparello (UNC, Argentina);

Advanced Seminars:

Gustavo Pazzini de Brito (SDU, Dinamarca); Searching for dark energy with the Sun – Ippocratis D. Saltas (Academia de Ciencias, Republica Tcheca; Dark Matter viewed as cosmic gluonic background – Jean-Pierre Gazeau (APC, Franca; Non-linear evolution for Vainshtein screening cosmologies – Radouane Gannouji (UCV, Chile); Richard Kerner path approach to understand materials growth and some unexpected connections – Gerardo Garcia Naumis (UNAM, Mexico); Condensed matter with Richard Kerner – Rafael Barrios (UNAM, Mexico); Karol Penson (Universite Sorbonne, Franca); h-expansion of Wightman distributions – Giuseppe Dito (Universite de Bourgogne, Franca); Variations on a theme by Schwarzschild – Jan-Willem van Holten (Universidade de Amsterda, Holanda); Global anisotropy as super-curvature modes on top of isotropic cosmologies – Thiago Pereira (UEL, Brasil).

Seminario especial – 80 anos do Prof. Richard Kerner

Discrete symmetries Z2 and Z3 and the generalized Lorentz algebra – Richard Kerner (Universite Sorbonne, Franca).


The program also includes 6 communications of 30 minutes that are yet to be selected from participants’ submission.