PhD Studentships in Gravitational Wave Source Modelling, Birmingham, UK

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Deadline:  2023-01-31

Location:  Birmingham, UK

I would like to bring your attention to two 4-year PhD positions at the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the University of Birmingham. These positions would be to work with Dr Geraint Pratten and are particularly aimed at applicants looking to work in the following areas: analytical modelling of gravitational-wave sources, numerical relativity simulations of compact binaries, exploring fundamental physics with gravitational-wave observations and gravitational-wave data analysis. All students are welcome to apply!

The Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy is one of the leading centres for gravitational-wave research in Europe. We offer a vibrant research environment with diverse interests across the group. We are members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, the LISA Consortium, the Cosmic Explorer Consortium, the Einstein Telescope, and the European Pulsar Timing Array.