Quantum Fluids in the Universe, Pisa, Italy

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Date:  2023-06-05  -  2023-06-15

Location:  Pisa, Italy

Dear Colleagues,
we announce the International PhD School on: “QUANTUM FLUIDS IN THE UNIVERSE” to be held in Pisa (Italy), Centro Congressi le Benedettine from 5 to 15 June, 2023.

The school is part of the series ISAPP (International School of AstroParticle Physics, for more info see: https://www.isapp-schools.org/ ) and is supported by INFN, Universita’ di Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore and EGO.

Details and registration information can be found at the page: https://agenda.infn.it/e/ISAPP The registration deadline is: 19 March 2023 The registration fee is 400 Euro (accommodation and dinners not included).
A limited number of selected participants (PhD students and young postdocs) will be admitted.
The program comprises the following courses:
* Properties of matter in neutron stars and GW emission – Lecturer: Armen Sedrakian (Frankfurt Un.)
* Multimessenger observations of neutron stars – Lecturer: Samaya Nissanke (GRAPPA, Amsterdam Un.)
* Light dark matter candidates – Lecturer: Kfir Blum (Weizmann In.)
* Light dark matter search – Lecturer: Elisa Ferreira (Tokyo Un.)
* Light dark matter around black hole and its gravitational signature – Lecturer: Paolo Pani (Roma “la Sapienza” Un.)
* Simulation of gravity and GWs in Bose-Einstein condensates – Lecturer: Ivette Fuentes Guridi (Southampton Un.)
* Classical and quantum fluids in gravitational fields – Lecturer: Alberto Nicolis (Columbia Un.)
The School aims at providing a cross-disciplinary overview and the main tools to work on some of the main aspects of astroparticle physics where quantum collective properties of matter play a crucial role.

Practical information on accommodation, support and meals can be found here:
Please circulate this information to colleagues, collaborators and students that may be interested in attending the School (apologies if you receive this message more than once).
For any inquiry about the school, please write to isapp2023[AT]lists.pi.infn.it Best regards,

The Organizers:
Bartolome Alles Salom (INFN), Ignazio Bombaci (U. Pisa), Giancarlo Cella (INFN), Maria Luisa Chiofalo (U. Pisa), Michele Cignoni (U. Pisa), Elena Cuoco (EGO + SNS), Scilla Degl’Innocenti (U. Pisa), Walter Del Pozzo (U. Pisa), Nicolao Fornengo (U. Torino), Daniele Gaggero (INFN), Dario Grasso (INFN), Leonardo Gualtieri (U. Pisa), Laura Elisa Marcucci (U. Pisa), Giovanni Marozzi (U. Pisa), Paolo Panci (U. Pisa), Barbara Patricelli (U. Pisa), Josef Pradler (HEPHY Vienna), Massimiliano Razzano (U. Pisa), Enrico Trincherini (SNS), Michele Viviani (INFN)