Analog gravity in 2023: Summer School+ Workshop, Benasque, Spain

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Date:  2023-05-22  -  2023-06-02

Location:  Benasque, Spain

This event has two goals: the training of the new generation of researchers and a discussion of the state of the art of different research programs and experimental platforms related to analog gravity. The events will be held in the ‘Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual’ and it is intended to stimulate the exchange of ideas between junior and senior scientists, with both theoretical and experimental expertise.

The Center provides facilities and an agreeable atmosphere to allow the participants to carry their work during the meeting.

Benasque is a beautiful mountain village located 1140 m above sea level, in a valley at the heart of the Pyrenees, about 140 km north of the city of Zaragoza. The beautiful landscapes, scenic hikes and the proximity to the highest peaks in the Pyrenees make Benasque one of the main tourist sites in the region.
The center is child friendly and families are welcome. The center does not offer day care, but can help families to find babysitters if requested.

The registration deadline for this even is March 15th 2023.

I. Agullo ( Louisiana State University)
A. Fabbri (University of Valencia)
M. Jacquet (Paris Sorbonne University)
S. Weinfurtner (University of Nottingham)
J. Wilson (Louisiana State University)


The school will take place from the 22nd to the 27th of May. It will include the following set of topics, which are intended to cover both the theoretical foundations of this filed of research as well as ongoing experimental implementations.

– Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes and analogue gravity
– Quantum information and analogue gravity
– Fluids of light, dynamical effects, Hawking radiation and super-radiance (theory and experiments)
– Analogue gravity in non-linear optical systems (theory and experiments)
– Analog gravity in Bose Einstein Condensates (theory and experiments)

Invited Lecturers:
– Anthony Brady
– Iacopo Carusotto + Luca Giacomelli
– Elisabeth Giacobino
– Friedrich Koenig
– Stefano Liberati

Financial support:
The organizers are exploring different sources of funding support. The availability of funds and the application process will be announced in due time.


All interested in participating should fill out the application form (see registration section below)
The workshop will take place from the 29th of May to the 2nd of June.

Invited Speakers
– Volodya Eltsov
– Ruth Gregory
– Joerg Schmiedmayer
– Bill Unruh 
- Chris Westbrook

The registration fee for this conference is:
Regular fee: 350 eur. 
Only school or workshop fee: 250 eur.

For registration, abstract submission, and further information, please visit the website