At the interface of asymptotics, conformal methods and analysis in general relativity, London, UK

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Date:  2023-05-09  -  2023-05-10

Location:  London, UK

The Royal Society is hosting a Scientific discussion meeting organised by Dr Juan Valiente Kroon and Dr Grigalius Taujanskas.

In the sixty years since Penrose’s original insight that conformal geometry could be used to study the global structure of fields and spacetimes, these ideas have become central to many parts of mathematical and theoretical physics. Today many inspired methods and frameworks exist for asymptotic analysis in general relativity. This meeting will aim to bring together researchers working on these and related topics.

This meeting is intended for researchers in relevant fields and there is no registration fee. Both in person and online attendance is available. More information on the programme and attendance can be found on the Royal Society website.