Tenured junior position in Loop Quantum Gravity, Marseille, France

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Deadline:  2023-03-30

Location:  Marseille, France

Tenured junior position in loop quantum gravity in Marseille, to join the team founded by Carlo Rovelli and currently formed by Alejandro Perez and Simone Speziale.

The position is Maitre de Conferences, and it is opened by the university of Aix-Marseille. Applications are to be made through the portal Galaxie of the french government:


The position with his detailed description is listed as n. 1269 under the column ‘Ref. Galaxie’ at

the following page:


The applications have to be in French, and the interviews of the selected candidates will be in French. The position comes with teaching duties, to be exercised mostly in French. The total duties amount to 192 hours a year. Every teaching hour counts as 1.5h of teaching duties, so one can do at most 128 hours of teaching a year, but typically one does a bit less and compensates with other teaching duties such as proctoring etc. There exist grant-like schemes that can be applied for to reduce teaching on one or more years.

Concerning salary, it follows the national guidelines based on seniority, for some information look here:


PhD work and previous postdocs are taken into account to compute the seniority, and therefore candidates hired after postdocs will have a bigger starting salary, for some information look here:


The criteria for applying include a PhD, and the French qualification
( https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/cand_qualification_droit_commun.htm ) that the candidate should have previously obtained.