Living Reviews in Computational Astrophysics: “Neutrino transport in general relativistic neutron star merger simulations”

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The open-access journal Living Reviews in Computational Astrophysics has published a new review article on 23 February 2023:

Francois Foucart.
Neutrino transport in general relativistic neutron star merger simulations.
Living Rev Comput Astrophys 9, 1 (2023).

From the abstract:
Numerical simulations of neutron star-neutron star and neutron star-black hole binaries play an important role in our ability to model gravitational-wave and electromagnetic signals powered by these systems. These simulations have to take into account a wide range of physical processes including general relativity, magnetohydrodynamics, and neutrino radiation transport. The latter is particularly important in order to understand the properties of the matter ejected by many mergers, the optical/infrared signals powered by nuclear reactions in the ejecta, and the contribution of that ejecta to astrophysical nucleosynthesis. However, accurate evolutions of the neutrino transport equations that include all relevant physical processes remain beyond our current reach. In this review, I will discuss the current state of neutrino modeling in general relativistic simulations of neutron star mergers and of their post-merger remnants.