Gravity 2023: Dawn of field theoretic approach, Kyoto, Japan

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Date:  2023-07-18  -  2023-07-20

Location:  Kyoto, Japan

The international workshop “Gravity 2023: Dawn of field theoretic approach” will be held from 18 to 20 July 2023 at YITP, Kyoto University. The workshop aims to apply field theory techniques such as effective field theory approaches, scattering amplitude techniques, and bootstrap approaches to understand gravitational systems. We welcome not only those who are already doing related research but also those who wish to learn about these subjects.

Important deadlines:
Abstract submission, visa support: May 26th
In-person participation: June 1st
Online participation: July 14th

Invited speakers and topics:
Yu-tin Huang: scattering amplitudes and UV/IR constraints;
Lam Hui: the symmetries of black holes and the EFT for black hole perturbations;
Michele Levi: the EFT approach to post-Newtonian gravity;
Toshifumi Noumi: quantum gravity and swampland;
Enrico Pajer: foundations of cosmological bootstrap;
David Stefanyszyn: applications of cosmological bootstrap.

Katsuki Aoki, Antonio De Felice, Francesco Di Filippo, Mohammad Ali Gorji, Shinji Mukohyama, Masroor C. Pookkillath, Kazufumi Takahashi