MSCA postdoctoral fellowship in Quantum Gravity, Odense, Denmark

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Deadline:  2023-05-15

Location:  Odense, Denmark

The Quantum Gravity group at SDU, Odense, Denmark, will support applicants for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship. There will be extensive support to develop a strong application.

The project should lie within the phenomenology of quantum gravity. It is a critical challenge to connect quantum gravity theories to observations. The aim of this project is to do and explore the imprints of quantum gravity in experimental data, most importantly in particle physics and in black holes.

The quantum-gravity group at CP3-Origins at SDU focuses on asymptotically safe quantum gravity, causal sets and tensor models and their phenomenology in particle physics (in and beyond the Standard Model) and in black holes (with a particular focus on black-hole images). We are looking to i) further develop and strengthen these existing focus areas and ii) expand the focus areas both in the candidate quantum gravity theories and in the phenomenology.

We are therefore looking for candidates to support for MSCA postdoctoral fellowships who bring relevant expertise in these areas and who are looking to join a dynamic and thriving research group with an open, supportive and motivating atmosphere.

After a preselection of applicants, extensive support in writing an MSCA application will be provided. More details about how to apply can be found at the link below.