New trends in conformal theory from probability to gravity, Okinawa, Japan

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Date:  2023-07-31  -  2023-08-04

Location:  Okinawa, Japan

OIST workshop 2023 “New trends of conformal theory from probability to gravity”.

The study of conformal theory connects the theoretical physics and mathematics, which has been closely related to the representation theory of Lie group, algebraic geometry, topology and number theory.

Recently the random matrix models have been discussed for quantum chaos of the black hole entropy, through a universal spectral form factor. This probabilistic study of the random matrix model and random tensor model may reveal the cases of the central charge c greater than one. The rational CFT for central charge c is less than one, are well known as minimal models and as Schramm-Loewner evolution in the probability theory. The gravity coupled to matter fields may be related to exotic random geometries.

In this workshop, we focus a new relation between theoretical physics and mathematics: gravity and probability by new theoretical methods, such as conformal bootstrap methods and the studies of the eigenvalues of Calabi-Yau manifolds etc. Algebraic geometric structures like Thomson group and Moonshine will be also included for the study of complicated exotic geometries, which are related to CFT. The number theory related to p-adic group and modular form, and higher dimensional knots are topics of this workshop.

Invited speakers are:
Laurent Baulieu (LPTHE, Sorbonne Univ.)
Timothy Budd (Radboud Univ.)
Severin Charbonnier (Max Planck Inst. Bonn) (online)
Bertrand Duplantier (CEA Saclay)
Nina Holden (Courant Inst.) (online)
Motoko Kato (Ryukyu Univ.)
Makoto Katori (Chuo Univ.)
Shota Komatsu (CERN)
Wenliang Li (Sun Yat-Sen Univ.)
Takuya Murayama (Kyushu Univ.)
Eveliina Peltola (Aalto)
Kazuhiro Sakai (Meiji Gakuin)
Xiaobing Sheng (OIST)
Hidehiko Shimada (Yukawa Inst. Kyoto Univ.)
Hirohiko Shimada (Tsuyama College)
Noriko Yui (Queen’s Univ.)
Yilin Wang (IHES)

Organisers: Nicolas Delporte, Shinobu Hikami, Reiko Toriumi