GWs meet EFTs, Benasque, Spain

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Date:  2023-08-21  -  2023-08-25

Location:  Benasque, Spain

This is the second circular to announce the upcoming workshop on “GWs meet EFTs” to be held from August 21 to 25, 2023 at the Science Center in Benasque in the Spanish Pyrenees. The workshop will focus on gravitational EFTs and ways to explore them with observations and simulations of gravitational wave emitting systems.

Registration is now open (until June 30th) and you can find all the information at Invited speakers include:

– Cliff Burgess
– Antonio Padilla
– Miguel Zumalacarragui
– Filipo Vernizzi
– Alessandra Silvestri
– Felix Julie
– Luis Lehner
– Pau Figueras
– Helvi Witek
– Aaron Held
– Maxence Corman
– Harald Pfeiffer
– Tessa Baker
– Andrea Maselli
– Dina Traykova
– Eugeny Babichev
– Mariana Carrillo
– Marco Crisostomi
– Tanja Hinderer*
– Leo Stein*
(* to be confirmed)

Besides the spectacular location, Benasque is a very family friendly place. In particular, there will be the possibility of childcare during the conference.

Best wishes,

Enrico Barausse, Laura Bernard and Miguel Bezares