PhD position in gravitational-wave astrophysics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Deadline:  2023-09-14

Location:  Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Institute for Gravitational and Subatomic Physics (GRASP) at Utrecht University is looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate in gravitational-wave astrophysics. As the successful candidate, you will work with real and simulated gravitational wave data from existing detectors as well as envisaged next-generation observatories such as Einstein Telescope, use statistical tools such as Bayesian analysis to assess what the challenges will be, and develop novel methodology to analyse the data accurately. With the developed methods, you will likely be placing much more stringent bounds on fundamental constraints from third-generation detectors. You will join the international Einstein Telescope Collaboration as well as the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration, and are expected to participate in analysing data as part of the latter.

You will work in the group of Dr Anuradha Samajdar, and you will be an active member of the broader Dutch consortium in gravitational waves. Other staff members working on gravitational waves within GRASP and the Department of Physics are Professor Chris Van Den Broeck and Dr Tanja Hinderer.