Tenure track position in mathematical physics, Morelia, Mexico

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Deadline:  2023-12-31

Location:  Morelia, Mexico

The Center for Mathematical Sciences (CCM) stands as one of Mexico’s preeminent and robust institutions dedicated to advanced research in the realm of mathematical sciences. An integral entity within the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), acknowledged as one of Ibero-America’s largest and most prominent academic institutions. The CCM boasts resources and support, fostering a thriving environment for both research and education. For comprehensive insights, kindly explore the CCM website: https://www.matmor.unam.mx

The CCM cordially invites individuals who fulfill the stipulated requisites to participate in the selection procedure for a tenure-track faculty position in mathematics.

**APPLICATION DEADLINE:** December 31, 2023

**EXPECTED COMMENCEMENT:** June 1st, 2024 (with flexibility)

At present, the CCM accommodates a team of 26 faculty members, in the following areas:

– Biomathematics – Algebraic Combinatorics – Partial Differential Equations – Fundamentals of Quantum Theory – Algebraic, Differential, and Discrete Geometry – Classical and Quantum Gravitation – Mathematical Logic and Foundations – Dynamical Systems – Set Theory – Geometric Group Theory – Number Theory – Representation Theory – Singularity Theory – Algebraic and General Topology

The position primarily accentuates research pursuits in mathematical sciences while also encompassing pedagogical responsibilities encompassing one course per semester at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Additionally, duties extend to guiding students at both the graduate (masters and PhD) and undergraduate tiers, while active involvement in academic-administrative duties and outreach initiatives is expected. The initial contract terms will be reviewed annually during the preliminary years, offering a competitive salary.

The guidelines for the selection process are:

1. Possession of a Doctorate in Mathematics or closely aligned fields. 2. A minimum of two years’ postdoctoral experience upon contract initiation. 3. An established record of published work in the domains earlier mentioned, featured in internationally acclaimed, peer-reviewed journals.

Prospective candidates are urged to access the website


and submit by December 31, 2023, the following documents:

1. A purposeful letter of application, addressed to Dr. Luis Abel Castorena Martinez, Director of CCM, expounding the aspirant’s motivations for affiliating with the CCM. The letter should incorporate both postal and electronic contact details.

2. An updated curriculum vitae.

3. Official documentation substantiating conferred degrees.

4. A concise research proposal spanning a minimum of two, but not exceeding four pages, succinctly delineating the intended research avenues at the CCM.

5. Copies of published articles and preliminary drafts of completed works, with emphasis on a maximum of 5 exceptional publications within the pertinent sphere.

Moreover, prospective candidates are required to provide two professional email addresses of domain specialists, who will subsequently be contacted for letters of recommendation, spotlighting the candidate’s achievements, research potential, and pedagogical adeptness.

Subsequent to a preliminary assessment of received applications, the internal board at CCM will extend invitations to interview the most apt candidates for the position.

The conclusive selection outcome is tentatively projected for communication to candidates by the culmination of April 2024.

For further inquiries, kindly direct correspondence to: Dr. Jose’ Ferran Valdez Lorenzo (ferran[AT]matmor.unam.mx)