Black Holes Inside and Out, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Date:  2024-08-26  -  2024-08-30

Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark

Black holes are the most amazing macroscopic objects in the universe. According to Einstein’s General Relativity, their exterior is extremely simple, while their interior holds the failure of the underlying theory. There are thus strong reasons to test black hole spacetimes, an endeavor made possible by gravitational-wave astronomy and very-large baseline interferometry. The conference “Black Holes Inside and Out” will be devoted to the discussion of black-hole physics in a broad sense. Its main aim is to bring together people working on theoretical, phenomenological, and observational aspects of classical and quantum black holes. Talks will cover foundational topics as well as recent theoretical and observational breakthroughs.

Each session will consist of invited talks and ample discussion sessions.
This conference is preceded by the focused workshops “Ringdown Inside and Out” (Aug 22-24). We hope that while both meetings can certainly be attended separately, participants as well as speakers can benefit from the proximity of the events, allowing them to continue discussions.

Invited speakers include:

Niayesh Afshordi
Abhay Ashtekar
Enrico Barausse
Iosif Bena
Emanuele Berti
Richard Brito
Alessandra Buonanno
Cliff Burgess
Gregorio Carullo
Mihalis Dafermos
Mariafelicia de Laurentis
Adrian del Rio
Roberto Emparan
Netta Engelhardt
Stefan Gillessen
Ruth Gregory
Carlos Herdeiro
Tanja Hinderer
Jutta Kunz
Luis Lehner
Ramesh Narayan
Samaya Nissanke
Paolo Pani
Alessia Platania
Eric Poisson
Frans Pretorius
Misao Sasaki
Paul Tiede
Will Unruh
Matt Visser
Bob Wald
Silke Weinfurtner
Helvi Witek

The meeting will be held at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. The Niels Bohr Institute carries an important legacy in physics and is one of the leading institute in theoretical and experimental physics. Copenhagen is a very enjoyable and beautiful city, and as the capital of Denmark has plenty of wonderful things to do and is easy to reach. The entire Nordic region has plenty to offer and is a remarkable place for summer vacations.