The H0 Award 2023

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The H0 Award and its History

Professor Adam G. RIESS, Nobel prize in Physics (2011), is awarded the Chalonge Medal, Hetor de Vega Medal, and H0 Award 2023, for his relentless clever work and deep discoveries regarding the expansion rate of the Universe, a puzzle at the center of Cosmology and LambdaCDM showing the Model is currently challenged to connect the early to the present Universe.

Past speakers and winners of the Medals have been Nobel prize winners in Physics S. Chandrasekhar who inaugurated the Chalonge School (from 2015 the Chalonge – de Vega School) in September 1991, followed by four Nobel prize in Physics (George Smoot, John Mather, Brian Schmidt, Adam Riess), four Course Dedications (Andrei Zakharov, Yakov Zeldovich, Viktor Ambartsumian, Abdul Salam) and by, citing only those in Memoriam: Bruno Pontecorvo, Peter Bergmann, Isaak Khalatnikov, Maury Shapiro, Efim Fradkin, Douglas Morrison, Benoit Mandelbrot, Evry Schatzman, Roger and Giusa Cayrel, Eugene Loh, Livio Scarsi, Fang-Li-Zhi, Leonid Grishchuk, Wolfang Rindler, Paul Hodge, Yury Parijskij, Tom Kibble, Stanley Deser, Stephen Hawking, Hector de Vega, Nick Kaiser, Jim Hartle.

Adam Riess inaugurated The First Zoom Session of the Chalonge – de Vega School, on 3 December 2020 during the pandemic, and continued a tradition of: The Closing Lecture of The Year, which has been going on as following :
3 December 2020, 8 December 2021, 7 December 2022, 12 December 2023, …

The first presentation to Adam Riess of the Chalonge Medal and of the Hetor de Vega Medal, both Medals being Surprise Awards, in such 1st Zoom Session on 3 December 2020 were real , not ‘virtual’ presentations: Adam Riess appeared in the Zoom Session showing the real Chalonge Medal and the real Hector de Vega Medal, sent earlier by mail. The Session and the discussion during the Pandemic quarantine were very successful.

Zoom Sessions continued in 2021 with the Nobel Chalonge de Vega Programme and its channel: Nine Nobel Prizes of Physics in the discipline of Cosmology, Gravitation, Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics, Neutrinos, Astrophysics , among the Lecturers and participants, and continuated in 2022 and 2023 : The Chalonge – de Vega School, a laboratory of Ideas, Research and Understanding, and Surprises…, as shown in its different periods…. and by pioneering scientific work ‘.

In a recent talk/interview, Adam Riess discussed the many forms of communication by Scientists: ‘…. Some of them are verbal, some of them are over a beer, but during the Pandemic it was hard to have a beer over Zoom…! ‘

Norma Sanchez commented : ‘…Yes, it is hard to have a beer over Zoom…, but in the closing Session of the Chalonge- de Vega School, we arranged to have real french Champagne over Zoom …! ‘

Congratulations Adam for being the recipient of the H0 Award of the Year !!