11th Tux Workshop on Quantum Gravity

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Date:  2024-02-19  -  2024-02-23

Location:  Tux, Austria

The 11th Tux winter workshop on quantum gravity will take place in-person on February 19-23, 2024 in Tux (Austria).

The workshop aims to bring together experts on loop quantum gravity and related topics. In general, the topics of the workshop include:
– All approaches to loop quantum gravity (e.g. canonical, covariant, GFT)
– Other approaches to quantum gravity and their relation to LQG
– Quantum gravity phenomenology
– Quantum gravity topics of general interest
– General relativity and differential geometry topics of general interest

The registration is open until December 22, 2023. For an up-to-date information on the workshop we recommend to visit the website.