Fundamental Physics at the Galactic Centre Workshop, Porto, Portugal

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Date:  2023-12-15  -  2023-12-18

Location:  Porto, Portugal

The Galactic Centre and SgrA* is a unique laboratory for fundamental physics studies. Being the nearest supermassive compact object to planet Earth, it allows for probing the smallest spatial scales with high angular resolution instrumentation such as adaptive optics at the Keck and VLT telescopes, (sub-)mm long baseline interferometry with the EHT and infrared long baseline interferometry with Gravity/VLTI, space telescopes such as the James Webb or NuSTAR satellites. Its low accretion rate allows for a relatively minor astrophysical complexity concerning other counterparts.

SgrA* is a future candidate for new instruments and facilities such as EHT high frequency and more extended baselines development, ERIS, Gravity+, extremely large telescopes in the Southern hemisphere and space gravitational waves detection with LISA. How can these developments test fundamental physics at SgrA*?

This workshop aims to bring together experts to foster discussions of new ideas and present the state-of-the-art in the area. Expected themes are the current status of measurements (including data limitations), General Relativity tests, Extreme/exotic compact objects, ultra-light dark matter, extended mass distributions, black hole hair, and synergies between facilities, among many others.

By design, this is a small workshop limited to 100 participants and with significant time allowed for networking. The formal talks will occur on day 1 (December 15th, Friday) and on day 4 (December 18th, Monday). The weekend in between (days 2 and 3) can be used individually and freely for meetings and networking anywhere in town.

The workshop will take place in the beautiful Palacio da Bolsa at Ribeira, Porto, to inspire its participants

We kindly invite you to contribute to the workshop and submit an abstract with the topic you would like to present. Given the limited number of contributions, we ask you to register as soon as possible.

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Local Organising Committee