JoMaReC resumes (online)

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The monthly online Mathematical Relativity colloquium series JoMaReC will resume on November 2 with a lecture by Gerhard Huisken (University of Tuebingen, Germany). It takes place every first Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm CET, except January and August/September.

The colloquium was initiated with the aim to provide a broad, inclusive and lively platform for the dissemination of research related to General Relativity of the highest quality. Please join us and spread the word!

The colloquium is meant to be accessible to and informative for mathematicians and mathematical physicists with a background in General Relativity, widely interpreted to include Lorentzian Geometry and Geometric Analysis of various Partial Differential Equations related to General Relativity. It is aimed to present motivation and applications of particular results and/or introduce specific subfields, while refraining from too many technicalities.

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A. Burtscher (Nijmegen), C. Cederbaum (Tuebingen), G. Fournodavlos (Crete), E. Gaspreis (Lisbon), J. Metzger (Potsdam), A. Sakovich (Uppsala)