Black Holes and Cosmology 2024, Nassau, The Bahamas

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Date:  2024-03-11  -  2024-03-15

Location:  Nassau, The Bahamas

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to draw attention to our conference “Black Holes and Cosmology” (BHCos 2024), taking place at the University of The Bahamas in Nassau from the 11th to the 15th of March 2024.

This international meeting (aimed at around 120 participants) will bring together world-renowned experts as well as junior researchers working on theoretical and observational aspects of black holes, particularly (but not limited to) their role in cosmology.

Invited speakers include: Andreas Albrecht, Earl Bellinger, Gianfranco Bertone, Alessandra Buonanno*, Matt Caplan, Nico Cappelluti, Bernard Carr, Sebastien Clesse, Gia Dvali*, Glennys Farrar, Carlos Frenk, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Enrique Gaztanaga, Reinhard Genzel*, Cristiano Germani, Andrea Ghez*, Michael Hawkins, Shirley Ho*, David Kaiser, Sasha Kashlinsky, William Kinney, Julien Lavalle, Michela Mapelli, Emil Mottola, Priya Natarajan*, Samaya Nissanke, Malcolm Perry, Hernando Quevedo, Luciano Rezzolla*, Ravi Sheth, Subir Sarkar, Gerald ‘t Hooft*, Mark Trodden, Lisa Randall, Joseph Silk, Chris van den Broeck, Alexander Vilenkin*, Hai-Bo Yu (* = tbc).

The registration is open now! Please spread the word!

We encourage early registration and reservation of accommodation and travel since economic hotels and flights fill in very rapidly.

Best wishes & looking forward to seeing you in Nassau!

Florian Kuehnel

for the organisational committee of BHCos 2024

Katherine Freese (The University of Texas at Austin), Juan Garcia-Bellido (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, RAC), Eduardo Guendelman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and Bahamas Advanced Study Institute and Conferences), Florian Kuehnel (Max Planck Institute for Physics and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), Claude McNamarah (University of The Bahamas), Remo Ruffini (U. Roma La Sapienza)