New Book “Modified and Quantum Gravity From Theory to Experimental Searches on All Scales”

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Modified and Quantum Gravity: From Theory to Experimental Searches on All Scales

Editors: Christian Pfeifer, Claus Laemmerzahl
Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Physics (LNP, volume 1017) Springer, Cham (2023)

This book discusses theoretical predictions and their comparison with experiments of extended and modified classical and quantum theories of gravity. The goal is to provide a readable access and broad overview over different approaches to the topic to graduate and PhD students as well as to young researchers. The book presents both, theoretical and experimental insights and is structured in three parts. The first addresses the theoretical models beyond special and general relativity such as string theory, Poincare gauge theory and teleparallelism as well as Finsler gravity. In turn, the second part is focused on the observational effects that these models generate, accounting for tests and comparisons which can be made on all possible scales: from the universe as a whole via binary systems, stars, black holes, satellite experiments, down to laboratory experiments at micrometer and smaller scales. The last part of this book is dedicated to quantum systems and gravity, showing tests of classical gravity with quantum systems, and coupling of quantum matter and gravity.

The book was initiated during the 740. Heraeus Seminar “Experimental Tests and Signatures of Modified and Quantum Gravity” in February 2021.

Part I: Theoretical Models Beyond Special and General Relativity

Lorentz Symmetry Violation in String-Inspired Effective Modified Gravity Theories
Nick E. Mavromatos

Deformed Relativistic Symmetry Principles
Michele Arzano, Giulia Gubitosi, Jose Javier Relancio

Poincare Gauge Gravity Primer
Yuri N. Obukhov

Teleparallel Gravity
Manuel Hohmann

Gravitational Lensing in Theories with Lorentz Invariance Violation
Jean-Francois Glicenstein, Volker Perlick

Part II: Observational Effects Beyond Special and General Relativity: From Cosmic Scales, via Compact Objects to the Lab

Cosmic Searches for Lorentz Invariance Violation
Carlos Perez de los Heros, Tomislav Terzic

Neutron Stars
Jutta Kunz

Black Holes: On the Universality of the Kerr Hypothesis
Carlos A. R. Herdeiro

Probing the Horizon of Black Holes with Gravitational Waves
Elisa Maggio

Boson Stars
Yakov Shnir

Stellar and Substellar Objects in Modified Gravity
Aneta Wojnar

Radio Pulsars as a Laboratory for Strong-Field Gravity Tests
Lijing Shao

Testing Gravity and Predictions Beyond the Standard Model at Short Distances: The Casimir Effect
Galina L. Klimchitskaya, Vladimir M. Mostepanenko

Part III: Quantum Systems and Gravity

Quantum Tests of Gravity
Sven Herrmann, Dennis Raetzel

The Gravity of Light
Jan W. van Holten

Coupling Quantum Matter and Gravity
Domenico Giulini, Andre Grossardt, Philip K. Schwartz