New Frontiers in Strong Gravity III, Benasque, Spain

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Date:  2024-07-07  -  2024-07-19

Location:  Benasque, Spain

Dear colleagues,
The third installment of the two-week workshop “New frontiers in strong gravity” will take place in Benasque, Spain from Jul 07-19, 2024. The registration will open in Spring 2024.

The highly nonlinear, strong-field regime of gravity holds the key to address long-standing puzzles in modern physics. These range from theoretical questions concerning the nature of gravity, the quest for a consistent theory of quantum gravity and resulting modifications to general relativity, to new insights into nuclear matter under extreme conditions in the context of neutron star and multi-messenger astronomy.

In this two-week workshop (Jul 07-19, 2024) we will bring together leading experts as well as junior scientists and PhD students in these diverse research areas, to encourage communication and training across the fields and to foster new research collaborations.

Invited speakers include:
Alessandra Buonanno – Chiara Caprini* – Vitor Cardoso – Ramiro Cayuso – Pippa Cole – Isabel Cordero Carrion – Maxence Corman – Alex Grant – Lavinia Heisenberg – Aaron Held – Leah Jenks – Andrea Mitridate – Jaki Noronha-Hostler*- Ornella Piccinni – Jocelyn Read – Harvey Reall* – Horng Sheng Chia – Banafshe Shiralilou – Justin Vines – Jordan Wilson-Gerow
* To be confirmed

We look forward to welcoming you in Benasque
On behalf of the organizers (D. Blas, P. Figueras, S. Nissanke, L. Stein, H. Witek)