Alternative-career computing faculty position, Dartmouth, MA, USA

More info:  external link
Deadline:  2023-01-08

Location:  Dartmouth, USA

We are pleased to announce an opening for a high performance computing (HPC) facilitator position at the Center for Scientific Computing and Data Science Research (CSCDR) at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (UMassD). The details of the opening can be found at the accompanying link.

We strongly encourage candidates with GW expertise to apply to this alternative-career opportunity that is non-tenure-track but is permanent and has many of the same benefits. In particular:
* The position is fully benefitted (health care, retirement etc) and unionized with tenure-like protection.
* The position becomes permanent after a 3 year probationary period.
* However, unlike tenure-track positions, there is no tenure process – which means teaching, university/department service, grant-writing are all optional.
* You can do your own research, mentor PhD students, and apply to grants – in fact, all of these are highly encouraged and have been done by past HPC facilitators.
* Salaries for these kinds of positions are typically comparable to (or in some cases higher than) those offered for tenure track faculty positions.
* You can also teach for additional pay. Teaching is not mandatory, however, unlike for tenure track positions.

In addition to the above, you will be part of the U2GRC collaboration between UMassD and the University of Rhode Island (URI). We have a core group of 6 GW faculty (Sarah Caudill, Rob Coyne, Scott Field, Gaurav Khanna, Michael Puerrer, Vijay Varma) between the two institutes with wide ranging GW expertise. Three of this group were added in the past two years, and we are continuing to grow: this year, we are hoping to hire two Gravity/GW experts through positions like the above.

Please submit your applications via the accompanying link by Jan 8 for full consideration, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled.