IOP Gravitational Physics Annual Meeting – the Gravitational Physics of Pulsars, London, UK

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Date:  2024-01-18  -  2024-01-18

Location:  London, UK

Institute of Physics Gravitational Physics Group Annual Meeting

We are pleased to announce the annual scientific meeting of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group, which will take place at the Institute of Physics headquarters in London on 18 January 2024. The focus of this year’s meeting is the Gravitational Physics of Pulsars, with a focus on pulsar timing arrays. Our speakers will be:

Introduction to pulsar timing and relativistic binaries (Golam Shaifullah – Milan)
Pulsar Timing Arrays and modelling foreground noise processes (Michael Keith – Manchester)
Latest results on GW searches and Astrophysical implications (Alberto Vecchio – Birmingham)

For further details and registration, please see the link above.