Taking it to the extreme: Symmetries and dynamics of extremal black holes, Princeton, NJ, USA

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Date:  2024-03-06  -  2024-03-08

Location:  Princeton, USA

The existence of black holes is perhaps the most spectacular theoretical prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Quite remarkably, black holes are fundamentally simple objects, as they are completely described by their mass, angular momentum, and charge. Maximally spinning (or charged) black holes are known as extremal black holes. Unlike sub-extremal black holes, extremal (and near-extremal) black holes have remained largely unexplored because of their numerous intricacies. In view of the most recent advances in understanding sub-extremal black holes, a more thorough study of extremal and near-extremal black holes now appears as a natural and promising direction for important future developments in the subject. The workshop aims at presenting two perspectives on extremal black holes, namely their symmetries and dynamics, via the combination of ideas from physics, mathematics, and numerical simulations.

Invited speakers include:

Marios Apetroaie (University of Muenster)
Stefanos Aretakis (University of Toronto)
Alessandra Buonanno (Albert Einstein Institute)
Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University/University of Cambridge)
Will East (Perimeter Institute)
Dejan Gajic (University of Leipzig)
Gary Horowitz (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Geoffrey Lovelace (California State University)
Maria Rodriguez (Utah State University)

This meeting is in person only. There will be no live stream, nor recordings. The schedule will include Flash Talks by participants. For those interested, please specify in the registration form.

Organizers: Gabriele Benomio (Princeton University), Delilah Gates (Princeton University), Gustav Holzegel (University of Muenster and Imperial College London), Hengrui Zhu (Princeton University)