Postdoctoral research Grant on GW data analysis, Urbino, Italy

More info:  external link
Deadline:  2024-01-20

Location:  Urbino, Italy

Dear all,

The University of Urbino is inviting applications to a 2 years position (one year, to be extended for another one) in gravitational waves data analysis.
The research program focuses on the testing of rapid inference algorithms for gravitational waves and relative electromagnetic counterparts. This position is part of a research program that is joint with the universities of Pisa and Rome La Sapienza.

The deadline for the application is January 20th.

All details regarding the application can be found at the following links:

Click to access 7121-BAR-20122023151255-bando-nomina-commissione-e-convocazione-candidati.pdf

Click to access 7121-BAR-20122023151356-autodich-colloquio-telematico.pdf

Click to access 7168-BAR-20122023144903-allegato-al-bando-di-concorso.pdf

For further information you can contact Gianluca M Guidi (gianluca.guidi[AT] or Francesco Piergiovanni (francesco.piergiovanni[AT]

Best Regards

Gianluca M Guidi