PhD and Postdoc positions in quantum science, Helsinki, Finland

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Deadline:  2024-03-01

Location:  Helsinki, Finland

We offer 1 PhD (4 years) and 1 Postdoc (1 year + renewable up to 4) position at the University of Helsinki in the Helteq group led by Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco (, starting in early 2024. The successful candidates are expected to actively participate in the ongoing initiatives and projects led by Helteq members and will have the opportunity to collaborate in the thriving Finnish quantum environment, including both experimental and theoretical groups at the Finnish Center of Excellence in Quantum Technologies (, InstituteQ (, and the recently founded Finnish quantum flagship.

In particular, the successful candidates will work on one (or more) of the following research topics:

Quantum measurements and gravity: measurement theory in QFT; measurements in quantum gravity and holography; measurements and the quantum-to-classical crossover.
Open quantum systems and thermodynamics: quantum thermalization; intersection between open quantum systems and thermodynamics; mathematical description of Lindblad master equations and their symmetries.
Quantum algorithms: QAOA; tensor network methods for quantum simulation and thermodynamics.

Successful PhD candidates must possess a solid academic background with a proven track record of excellence in coursework related to quantum mechanics, quantum information, and/or quantum field theory. Previous research experience is appreciated but not required for a successful application.

Successful Postdoc candidates must possess a strong research record and evidence of relevant contributions to at least one of the research topics described above. Ideal candidates should be independent and proactive in the activities of the research group.

We invite interested candidates to email Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco (sabrina.maniscalco[AT] and Dr. Marco Cattaneo (marco.cattaneo[AT] PhD candidates are invited to attach their CV, transcript of records, and a reference letter from their Master’s advisor. Postdoc candidates should attach their CV and at least 2 reference letters. Reference letters can be attached to the application or, alternatively, can be sent by the referees to Prof. Maniscalco and Dr. Cattaneo. The successful candidates are expected to join the group as soon as possible.