The time machine factory [unspeakable, speakable] on time travel, Turin, Italy

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Date:  2024-09-22  -  2024-09-25

Location:  Turin, Italy

In line with previous editions, the Time Machine Factory [unspeakable, speakable] on Time Travel – 2024 conference focuses on causality and non-locality in physics, and the insurgence of situations where causality or chronology can potentially be violated, and how this relates to the existence of “time machines”.

The conference has the following aims
– Revive the interest in studying time travel, which poses new mathematical challenges and could not be ruled out by physics
– Study the role of causality in fundamental physics including General Relativity and Quantum mechanics
– Explore the mathematical, physical and logical consequences of closed timelike curves and other mechanisms which allow time travels
– Contribute to a comprehensive vision of the underlying issues as well as exploring potential applications to relativistic and quantum metrology and space-time navigation, especially in view of new stellar maps produced by surveying space missions like Gaia.