COSPAR 2024 – E1.5 Illuminating Gravitational Waves and their Environments, Busan, South Korea

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Date:  2024-07-13  -  2024-07-21

Location:  Busan, South Korea

The combination of gravitational waves (GWs) and electromagnetic (EM) signals enables for multidisciplinary studies encompassing key fields of modern astronomy: from the cosmic production of heavy metals to the rate of expansion of our universe and the behaviour of dense matter in extreme physical conditions. The next few years will likely see a few joint detections of GWs and EM radiation, opening new frontiers across many areas of science.
This scientific event will review the promises, challenges and future perspectives of illuminating GWs with ultraviolet, optical and near-infrared observations from space and ground. We will focus on studies of kilonovae, their host galaxies, and their use as probes of cosmology and dense matter. This session will occur a year since the start of the O4 observing run and will thus represent a timely opportunity to bring together different communities and discuss the most significant results.

We encourage to submit abstracts on the following main topics:
– Gravitational waves
– Kilonovae and their physics
– The environment of NS mergers
– Multimessenger constraints to the NS equation of state
– Cosmology with multi-messenger observations
– The next decade of multi-messenger astrophysics